August 27, 2022 – Miss Georgia Peanut Pageant
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Baby Miss Peanut – Flora Lou Yancey
Best Hair, Dress, and Smile – Flora Lou Yancey

Teeny Miss Peanut – Tatum Grace Hickman
1st Runner Up – Nola Rosaleigh Watley
2nd Runner Up – Ellie Kite
3rd Runner Up – Kassandra Blaire Tomlinson
4th Runner Up – Paige Alice-Pearl Gray
Best Hair – Brooklyn Isabel Palmer
Best Dress – Ellie Kite
Best Smile – Tatum Grace Hickman
(Not Pictured – Brooklyn Isabel Palmer, Kassandra Blaire Tomlinson, Paige Alice- Pearl Gray, Evelyn Pritchard)

Tiny Miss Peanut – Avah Meadows
1st Runner Up – Rollins Buhler
2nd Runner Up – Kaydence River Douthit
3rd Runner Up – Karter Jane Smith
4th Runner Up – Harleigh Rae Law
5th Runner Up – Rosalie Wren Lawson
Best Hair, Dress, and Smile – Avah Meadows

Little Miss Peanut – Ellisyn Boggs
1st Runner Up – Lillianne Amelia Garwood
2nd Runner Up – Ella Faith Price
3rd Runner Up – Danielle Greene Haven
Best Hair – Lillianne Amelia Garwood
Best Dress – Lillianne Amelia Garwood
Best Smile – Ellisyn Boggs

Young Miss Peanut – Josie Annalee Garwood
1st Runner Up – Amelia Belle Wilkerson
2nd Runner Up – Emmalee Boggs
3rd Runner Up – Autumn Estelle Harris
4th Runner Up – Samantha Warren
Best Hair – Amelia Belle Wilkerson
Best Dress – Emmalee Boggs
Best Smile – Josie Annalee Garwood

Junior Miss Peanut – Maggie McCall Miller
1st Runner Up – Embrie Claire Pitts
2nd Runner Up – Janada Brown
3rd Runner Up – Laura Marie Dees
Best Hair – Maggie McCall Miller
Best Dress – Maggie McCall Miller
Best Smile – Janada Brown
(Not Pictured – Embrie Claire Pitts)

Teen Miss Peanut – Dani Elizabeth Jones
1st Runner Up – Ella Rose Hortman
2nd Runner Up – Mayson Stalvey
3rd Runner Up – Hallie West
Best Hair – Dani Elizabeth Jones
Best Dress – Dani Elizabeth Jones
Best Smile – Dani Elizabeth Jones
(Not Pictured – Hallie West, Mayson Stalvey)

Miss Peanut – Mary Gable Rowland
1st Runner Up – Charleigh Alexis Harper
2nd Runner Up – Alden McDonald
3rd Runner Up – Kaleigh Renee Montgomery
4th Runner Up – Tamya D’undrea Collins
5th Runner Up – Kendall Hale
Best Hair – Charleigh Alexis Harper
Best Dress – Charleigh Alexis Harper
Best Smile – Charleigh Alexis Harper
2021 Queens
Baby Miss Khloe Rae Frye
Teeny Isabella Pritchard
Tiny Meadow June McDonald
Little Addie Gray Shiver
Young Abigail Brock Goss
Junior Lila Langford Kluge
Teen Graci Victoria Kluge
Miss Lydia Anne Love
Miss Queen and Court
Queen Lydia Anne Love, 1st Runner Up Kylie Barnes, 2nd Runner Up Jordan Kent, 3rd Runner Up Alden McDonald
Teen Queen and Court
Queen Ms. Graci Victoria Kluge, 1st Runner Up Karley Barnes
Junior Miss Queen and Court
Queen Lila Langford Kluge, 1st Runner Up McKenzie Alyse Porter, 2nd Runner Up Isabelle Hancock, 3rd Runner Up Charly Grace Majeski, 4th Runner Up Harmony Calhoun, 5th Runner Up Adalynn Williams
Young Miss Queen and Court
Queen Abigail Brook Goss, 1st Runner Up Bentley McCade Rowland, 2nd Runner Up Carlie Raegan Emerson, 3rd Runner Up Emmalee Anna Boggs, 4th Runner Up Kambree Ryan Barnes
Little Miss Queen and Court
Queen Addie Gray Shiver, 1st Runner Up Ella Kate Plant, 2nd Runner Up Amari Rowe, 3rd Runner Up Ellisyn Alyse Boggs, 4th Runner Up Emilee Parrish
Tiny Miss Queen and Court
Queen Meadow Jane McDonald, 1st Runner Up Emma Lake Sheffield, 2nd Runner Up Avah Meadows, 3rd Runner Up Dailyn Curry (not pictured)
Teeny Miss Queen and Court
Queen Isabella Pritchard, 1st Runner Up Rosalie Wren Lawson, 2nd Runner Up Juliane Carlyn Rowland, 3rd Runner Up Kallie Giddents, 4th Runner Up Madelyn Noel Merritt, 5th Runner Up Brooklyn Isobel Palmer
Baby Miss Queen and Court
Queen Khloe Rae Frye, 1st Runner Up Kassandra Blaire Tomlinson, 2nd Runner Up Adeline Rae Frazier

Photo Credits : God’s Eye Photography
2019 Georgia Peanut Festival Pageant Court:
Baby Miss – Charleigh Barthelemy
Teeny Miss – Ainslee-Nova Weeks
Tiny Miss – Audrey Bullard
Little Miss – Brooklyn Alyse Daughtry
Young Miss – Ella Katherine Kennedy
Junior Miss – Mary-Margaret Waddell
Teen Miss – Kaleigh Renee Montgomery
Miss – Savannah Pannell

2017 Georgia Peanut Queens:
Baby Miss Harper Lee
Teeny Miss Lillian Sophia Kaiser
Tiny Miss Jessa Elaine Grinolds
Little Miss Abigail Brook Goss
Young Miss McKenzie Belle Ford
Junior Miss Meri Alyce Statham
Teen Miss Paris Olivia Biery
Miss Sydney Locke

2015 Georgia Peanut Queens:
Miss, Meredith McGlamory
Teen Miss, Keslie Hutchinson
Junior Miss, Kylie Barnes
Young Miss, Emily Kent
Little Miss, Harmony Calhoun
Tiny Miss, Paisley Calhoun
Teeny Miss, Josie Garwood
Baby Miss, Shara Varnadoe

2013 Pageant Winners:
Miss, Taylor Dupriest
Teen Miss, Jacey Burger
Junior Miss, Alexis Tucker
Young Miss, Rachael McGee
Little Miss, Josie Roberts
Tiny Miss, Harmony Calhoun
Teeny Miss, Paisley Calhoun
Baby Miss, Josie Garwood

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